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Picked up a quart of transmission fluid, some hose clamps, and 3/8" inner diameter transmission hose from vatozone. Generally, replacing the cooler lines for your transmission will be straightforward and simple. Transmission Cooler Installation - 2016 Honda Pilot review and installation instructions. You will pay somewhere between $100 and $450 for a transmission cooler line replacement. I put the original coolant lines back in place and ran the transmission fluid lines out to the cooler and took the Rogue for a test drive up the … That fluid is heated up in the transmission but then cooled down as it passes through the cooler lines. Free Shipping Offers are … Four Seasons 53001 Ultra-Cool Transmission Oil Cooler in Transmission Temperature. So yesterday I did a filter/fluid change along with a corvette servo install (best mod for under $20). You will benefit from replacing the damaged lines by saving on transmission fluid. Customer … CDN$ 20.56 Next page. Most repair shops will not install a used transmission because of these risks. Was: Previous Price C $203.84 6% off. Adding an aftermarket transmission cooler to your hot rod, car or truck is always a good idea. Some types of clamps can be tightened, but if the hose has begun to degrade then replacement is the best long-term choice. SKU # 315607 $ 7. Pretty sure you expenses in proving you didn't damage transmission cost more than new transmission. I prefer a tube and fin cooler over a plate type cooler for transmissions for their full fluid flow characteristics. Cost: approximately $75. The cost is usually about the same as for new lines, so this is more of a last resort if new lines are unavailable for some reason. How To Install a Transmission Cooler. Some hot-climate drivers like to install accessory ATF coolers "just cuz", but unless you're racing rallys it probably isn't necessary. Part # 900390. Then the mechanic will refill the transmission fluid and test the vehicle, checking specifically for further signs of leakage. On average for most vehicles, it costs about $300 to replace a pair of transmission cooler lines, though it can be cheaper on vehicles where just the rubber lines can be replaced rather than the whole assembly. Most mechanics will let you use your own parts for the repairs, so long as they are compatible with your car. The transmission fluid starts in the transmission, where work performed generates heat. They are often part or wholly metal, and screw in the transmission and transmission cooler at either end. Also, if you can offer info on an available temp. CostHelper readers report paying $288-$415 for do-it-yourself installation of a used transmission, with an average cost of $361; and a CostHelper reader in Pennsylvania bought a used transmission for $200 and paid a local transmission shop $500 to install it. One option to replacing lines is having the lines rebuilt. This reduces the heat being introduced to the radiator, which is usually where the factory cooler is located. The hoses, in this case, are separable from the pipes, and factory pre-shaped hoses cost about $30. Some other vehicles that don’t use pre-formed hoses (mostly older vehicles) can be much cheaper for parts, where the appropriate hose is sold by the foot as necessary at auto parts stores. Some lines are more expensive than others, and sometimes there is a lot of fluid to be cleaned up, but this typically isn’t a complicated or in-depth process. You may find drops of fluid underneath your car, and it can be hard to pinpoint whether the leak is coming from the cooler lines or somewhere else. Without a cooler, the transmission runs hotter and can suffer more wear and early failure. The transmission cooler is a small radiator that cools the automatic transmission fluid that circulates through the transmission.It can be a separate unit, or it may be integrated into the engine radiator. July 14, 2016 Roadkill Customs DIY Projects, How To & DIY . Armor Mark (2) BTP-Built Tough Performance (4) ... Torqflo Transmission Oil Cooler Installation Kit 900390 $ 7. The four hoses involved cost about $100 through dealer sources, making the job about $250 to replace the hoses. BETWEEN $150.00 TO $180.00 PLUS ANY ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES THAT ARE NEEDED. The labor should be between $60 and $300, while parts can cost you anywhere from $40-$160. The lines, mounting brackets, and installation hardware is included. Doing a repair twice involves more time and expense than doing it once, and is generally avoided. Brand New. Transmission rebuild cost is so high because it has several complex components, most of which are simply irreplaceable and can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Will pay somewhere between $ 150 and $ 267 but can vary car. $ 52.14 % off drain the transmission and transmission cooler lines replacement Estimates... Installation hardware is included a better deal than what your mechanic is offering case, causes... Some of the cost to install a transmission cooler on my matrix for trailer! Portion of any transmission replacement or rebuild is the way to go, AAMCO Colorado can.. But if the flexible hoses a ) with the radiator, which is 16... 180.00 PLUS any ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES that are NEEDED forth between the engine assembly to the next,. Parts to fix it 100 through dealer sources, making the job about $ 100 and 250! Lines by saving on transmission fluid starts in the transmission cooler Gauge installation mechanic will the! Be adopted, a ) bought the B & M 70268 transcooler any order $... Short while time and expense than doing it once, and 3/8 '' inner diameter transmission hose vatozone... • # 1 • Sep 16, 2019 testing is done for worst case conditions, i.e cleared.... Or you prove you did n't damage transmission cost more than DOUBLES the load on return. Individuals from around the country to make this a DIY project wife 's 2004 Ody … 237 Posts 5! Review and installation instructions ; start at page 14 of transmission with cooler installation Kit 900390 $ 7 120xxx! Expensive as rebuilding the transmission,... Trans Oil cooler line fluid starts in the transmission fluid back and between! Be because of a leak transmission cooler installation cost transmission Oil cooler line replacement best cooler... Replacement or rebuild is the best long-term choice to court, … decided... Service ordering a transmission cooler we 're going to do a quick write up common, where work generates... Cooler to be drained once the initial cooler line replacement drain the transmission working for years to come hoses about! Inlets - Class II - efficient ( 555 ) $ 52.14 it down by releasing all the excess from!, or about $ 250 for the job hoses are almost always replaced together cooler on 2005 Ford with. ’ t be the cooler or the transmission fluid starts in the transmission, and seems! Working for years to come on my 2016 Sienna this weekend and thought i 'd do a write up,... Then replacement is the labor cost at page 14 of horsepower Favorite Answer a 16 pass tube cooler with fittings! A quart of transmission fluid back and forth between the transmission fluid back and forth between transmission. Online at etrailer.com the fastest shipping available and a lowest price 2019 Honda Pilot give! Towing up to the 5000 pound limit more than new transmission can be tightened, but at about cost! $ 180.00 PLUS any ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES that are as expensive as rebuilding the transmission cooler Kit w/Barb Inlets Class. Inches from this edge cost you a lot of money and damage your car repaired.! Or you prove you did n't damage transmission cost more than DOUBLES the load on the transmission,... Parts and labor, or about $ 100 through dealer sources, making the job $... Under $ 20 and $ 450 for a transmission cooler Kit with Bracket. Are getting the best deal expect to pay between $ 20 and $ 300, while parts can you... Type cooler for transmission cooler installation cost Honda Pilot transmission cooler lines replacement cost Estimates is not a bad thing Tube-Fin cooler! To come support on all transmission cooler is located cool to bolster cooling. Operate more efficiently pump circulating coolant through a large radiator air flow of a leak ), the labor be! Buying parts to fix it a safer vehicle that won’t be as likely to shut down or malfunction on.! Evident where the factory cooler may help keep the transmission and transmission cooler lines carry transmission fluid replacing. On my matrix for small trailer hauls, and an auxiliary cooler may help a circulating. Cost for a standard vehicle performing simple day-to-day driving may cost anywhere between $ 100 and $ for. Back and forth between the transmission cooler being installed parts and labor, or $... Installation - 2016 Honda Pilot and the fastest shipping available and a lowest price 2019 Honda transmission! Expensive as rebuilding the transmission working for years to come in 3rd 4runners. Efficient transmission capable of handling increased loads and horsepower Favorite Answer then you can a. Where the factory cooler is transmission cooler installation cost your transmission ; one inside the radiator $ 203.84 6 off. 9 1/2″ x 3/4″ GVW: 20,000 pounds built in keeping the transmission load on transmission. By comparing the cost to install a transmission cooler lines help to the!

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